About us

We have the honor to introduce our company to you.

PARS FAM Company specializes in importing and distributing the raw materials for textile industries, in the field of printing, dyeing and finishing.

Our products include:

  • Textile dyestuff such as: reactive, disperse, direct and indigo

  • Optical brighteners for cellulosic fiber and polyester fiber.

  • Variety of printing thickeners for different printing types in textile industry

  • Auxiliaries for pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing and laundry.

  • Yarn

PARS FAM CO. established since 2017 in Tehran. However, we have been acting in textile industry for more than 20 years and now our company is one of the suppliers of textile dyestuff.

We import our goods from reliable manufacturers with well-equipped laboratories and good quality control systems from India, China, Taiwan and other countries.

PARS FAM CO. has an equipped laboratory and experienced and professional experts to test and quality control of all kinds of dyes and textile stuffs, so we are fully responsible for the quality of our imported goods.

PARS FAM CO. has a strong relation and cooperation with textile industry owners and end users in Iran Market by giving some services such as expert advice in the field of dyeing, printing and finishing, garment dyeing and laundry to the factories.

Hope we can take useful steps toward improving textile industry